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Casamassima Manor Farm is an agritourism in Ostuni with a courtyard of rare beauty, suitable for weddings and ceremonies. The scenery, enchanting and careful in details, will make your wedding in Ostuni an unforgettable event for you and your loved ones.

By day, you can enjoy a magnificent light and typical colours of the Mediterranean, with the contrast between the passionate white of the walls and the intense blue of the sky. All around, there is the green countryside of Ostuni with hills and olive trees.
Organizing your wedding party in a manor farm in Ostuni is equivalent to immerse themselves in an atmosphere of old times, giving your guests tastes and scents of campaign days, re-proposed with refinement and good taste. Each phase will be planned according to your needs, keeping in mind that the ceremony could last until the evening, with adequate entertainment and preparation needs.
The welcome, the appetizer buffet, the main courses and the other ones could be prepared by the skilled hands of our chef or by those of an outside catering, all according to your wishes and your taste.

In the evening, the ceremony will undoubtedly be more elegant and romantic, thanks to the lights and the inevitable moonlight. The right musical entertainment, maybe live in prime time and DJ sets in the late one, will make your wedding in Ostuni a big celebration, particularly appreciated by the youngest guests.
The fortified walls and olive trees in the background make Casamassima Manor Farm an ideal location for Shabby Chic weddings, because it already has inside notes of vintage and sentimentalism, the main ingredients of this trend. The farm in fact has that delicious and unmistakable look of something experienced which, enhanced by the right details in setting and organization, will guarantee a highly suggestive scenario.

Whether you decide to get married during the day or in the evening, in Shabby Chic style or not, our professional and courteous staff will always be able to satisfy every request and offer to you the best solutions for each stage of the event, transforming your dreams into an unforgettable day.

Choose Casamassima Manor Farm  for your wedding in Ostuni…

you will amaze your guests with a fabulous location!

Wedding in the evening

Wedding during the day

Shabby Chic wedding

The countryside scents are stirred to those of history, the light of the white tuffs typical of this area enlightens and makes even more picturesque the courtyard and the olive trees, which are like a frame.
Casamassima Manor Farm is the ideal location for your wedding in a magical atmosphere, under the moonlight.

Make unique and memorable your wedding!